Brand Culture

         "Born of proud" is the brand advocate of JIUSKO, it comes from everyone has positive, confidence and proud from grateful life .

        We are proud of every laughter, every decision, every success, every self, every time insisted, every time uninhibited......

        In this era, You always could get echo, resonate to these proud of you from——JIUSKO wristwatch.

       Concomitant of JIUSKO, you can climb the peak, explore the deep sea, enjoy the speed, deduce the honourable, feel the culture, create a romantic, beautiful, elegant, classic, and have a proud life!

      Brand Concept

           Brand Positioning: proud life actor           

          Brand connotation: Joy, Idea, up, Self, Keep, Only           

          Core Value: Professional, Delicacy , Perfect

          Brand Personality: Advocate of simplicity, Nature, Elegance.

          Brand Advocates: Born of Proud

Brand DNA